Testimonials From Our Clients

Mich Atanga

I have worked with Mirus Events on several projects, one of them being a travel event for journalists and influencers from across Africa to Lagos. Kunmi and the team pay great attention to detail and they take care of their clients. The teams work hard to make sure that people get the right experiences including problem solving on-site if anything should arise.

I have also worked with them on a number of events where our team had executed or launched a product and with each event, the service and the production of events keeps improving to a top-notch level. I will happily recommend the Mirus team.

Adaora Mbelu

We worked with Mirus events on the Google For Nigeria project. Our organization was a vendor on the project, and Mirus was the event consultant hired by the client to handle vendors such as ours. Initially, we were hesitant being handed over to a 3rd party. However, the way Mirus coordinated our work and managed the communication flow with the client was impeccable. The entire process was seamless and fun. The energy on the project was positive, even when challenges arose, Kunmi did not get agitated, He remained solution focused and drove the project to a successful completion.

Hayley Osmond

We have been working with Mirus Events for the past 5 years and it’s been such a fantastic experience. For Kunmi and his team, nothing is ever too much, they always go above and beyond. The professionalism and commitment they manage every event
with no matter how big or small is unwavering. You are made to feel for those few months of planning and execution you are their only client, which is a rare talent. What I appreciate the most about the Mirus team is the relationship they have built and the way they treat their suppliers – always with the utmost respect, this is so very important.  When things don’t go according to plan (and we know that happens) the Mirus team IS quick to react and solve issues at hand in a professional and reassuring manner. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Kunmi and team and look forward to working with them on many more projects to come.

Zainu Jacobs

During my 4 years at Clickatell, I worked with Mirus Events for 3 years as our events management company. The one year I mistakenly decided to use another company, but soon discovered Kunmi and his team’s creativity and professionalism was unmatched. Together, we hosted Clickatell’s premier appreciation networking event of year for our banking clients in Lagos! The event themes ranged from a Rebrand launch, Casino Royale and finally the Masquerade Ball. Each and every event was better than the last which is no easy feat when you’re entertaining long standing clients. Kunmi and his team always brought their ‘A game’ from taking me to view venues, making the theme and event to come to life and ensuring the we had interactive activities to engage our clients. Nothing was too intricate or complicated for this outstanding team. I highly recommend Mirus Events if you want the magic touch!

Dayne Collins

Mirus Events has been easy to work with from the start. We met in 2017 where we joined forces to put together what was certainly BLEND’s biggest project. Within minutes any email is responded to, with every proposal submission, expectations are exceeded, and every execution mirrors the renders. Mirus Events truly does bring a 10 x multiplier to everything it touches. BLEND will continue to partner with Mirus Events as often as possible, not only is it superbly owner managed but the values and work ethic from management cascade down to each and every employee.

Megan Roper

We have had the pleasure of working with Mirus Events, lead by Kunmi and his wonderful team in Lagos, Nigeria for some high-end customer events. Kunmi and his team worked closely with us to help bring these events to life in Nigeria, and each time, exceeded our expectations. Delivering an event when a lot of the planning and preparation takes place remotely, can be difficult. So working with a trusted, credible and reliable partner on the ground is paramount. One of the most important attributes for a partner of this nature is the ability to make a plan when curveballs come your way. Because inevitably, they will. This is where I’ve found the Mirus team to be absolutely on point.
Thanks team Mirus.  Looking forward to our next event soon!

Tolu Akinyele

Working with Mirus Events is always a real experience, from planning, coordinating and executing an event, they come with a lot of professionalism, understanding and heart. It is really a pleasure working with Mirus and we look forward to future events.